Mar 10 2021

New Project: Totally revamped Total Uninstaller app interface and the website

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We have taken another new challenge to totally redesign the software interface of Total Uninstaller as well as the website for our client located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Our designers att AnimFactory have remade the layout for the blog of, to make it one of the most readable blogging site for thousands of users per month.

What is What is a total uninstaller, and how does it work? In this article, we will discuss what is total uninstaller and how does it work. Also, we will discuss some features of the total uninstaller and things that are new in it.

What Total Uninstaller is About?

Total Uninstaller is a program that you can download from the internet, and it has only one use that removes a program for good.

This is because when you delete some program or a file from your system, it tends to create a dump in your system.

The total uninstaller is a program that will find the thing you want to delete, remove it completely and also remove the dump files of that application or file.

Whenever you download an application or file, this uninstaller will keep an eye on it, like where it has been stored and where it will create backup etc.

So, when you click on the delete button on the total uninstaller, it will remove the application as well as all its files hidden in the dump.

This is a good software and -provides good clearing of your PC or laptop from any kind of dump files created by the deleted application.

Total uninstaller keeps an eye on the program or file you have installed, and if they see anything suspicious, they will inform the user immediately.

How Does Total Uninstaller Work?

The total uninstaller takes a screenshot of the application before it is downloaded and one after it is downloaded to see if there is any difference.

If they find that the new application is has changed the theme of windows, has access, and is changing the registry, or it is changing files, then.

The total uninstaller will save these kinds of a screenshot and provide them to the user to decide if they want to keep the application or not.

If you decide to uninstall, then it will remove any changes made by the particular application or file on your windows.

What are the features of the Total Uninstaller?

Given below is the list of some features that you can get from using the total uninstaller.

  • Monitor installation changes made to the registry or the file system.
  • It will thoroughly uninstall any application that you have selected.
  • It will perform a search to find the changes made by them.
  • It will export all the registry changes and decide whether to install or uninstall.
  • It will name all the pending files and show them without having to reboot the system.
  • It will show you the statistics of the changes which they have detected.
  • It shows the user a view of the changes which are made by that application.
  • It will show the notification of the application or program that is being installed.
  • It will scan the profiles of the user and ask whether to install or uninstall a user profile.
What are some new things in Total Uninstaller?

You will see that the location of the Total Uninstaller files has changed, and you can also use the previous version if you want.

It will manually add the program and files which it finds are changing something in the system.

If you’re looking to know more about Total Uninstaller, visit its official website here.

Dec 8 2020

The Reborn Osx Uninstaller

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This is one of the most comprehensive new designs in 2021 for us at AnimFactory. We have designed more than 10 protypes just to make the app intuitive and simple enough for everyone to use on a daily basis. Check out the new and awesome new app and the website at

What is Osx Uninstaller, and what are some features of it? In this article, we will discuss what Osx Uninstaller is and what are some features of this application.

Also, we will discuss the overview of the application, which is available on the internet.

What is Osx Uninstaller?

Osx Uninstaller is called a professional tool that is used in macOS, and it provides quick and easy removal of any program you want.

People who use MacOS think that it is enough if they drag the application and put it in the trash bin, but this is not enough.

This is because when you go to uninstall a program, it created dump files in the location where it was installed and needs to be removed also.

This is why the Osx Uninstaller will check the file you want to remove, and then in the uninstallation process, it will remove any kind of residual files.

This means that they can get a smooth, secure, and trustworthy removal of the application and files from your device.

This uninstaller can not only be used to remove third-party applications, but it can also uninstall the application provided by Apple on your device.

So, there are multiple options which a person can choose and remove anything they want, and that too removes it for good.

What is the overview of the Osx Uninstaller?

If you remove an application or a file from your macOS system just by dragging and dropping it into the trash bin on the homepage.

This will not work as by doing so, you might just remove the application shortcut or its secondary runner from your main screen of the device.

This is why if you use the OSX Uninstaller, it will remove all its files, its icons, shortcuts, and even dump files to get rid of the application for good.

This is why many people prefer to use an external application or software to remove the thing from their macOS system.

Another thing is that you can also use this application to manage ant files and applications on the device and check its status regularly.

This is known to be the most effective and trusted way to remove any kind of application and its program files from the system you are using.

What are some features of the Osx Uninstaller?

Given below is the list of features that you can see inside of your OSC uninstaller application you have downloaded.

  • Light install package
  • This means that the uninstaller comes in 10 MB size, and it can be downloaded from the internet within a second and also installed too.

  • Simple interface
  • This has a clean and simple interface that anyone can use, and it can be viewed in a list view or the black view.

  • Safe and fast removal
  • It removes all the files from the system quickly, and that too is very safe to use.

  • Complete removal without leftover
  • This means that it will remove the application along with all its backlog files.

  • Attentive service
  • If you are unable to understand or use any feature, you can contact their 24/7 customer service.

Oct 20 2012

New Case: YooCare/YooSecurity PC Family Guide

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On June 3, 2012, the product manager Richard from YooSecurity, a legit security brand from YooCare, contact us and ask for a quote to make an interactive guide to educate the general public on PC security. He spoke with one of our designers directly on this matter as it is quite important for them to get more attentions and regonitions as more and more malware are speading all over the country, like YooSecurity FBI locked computer scam , and many others (these are the information required for this this project).

After we have obtained sufficient information from them, we have estimated this can take us months to complete, as it will have to run perfectly on PCs and mobile devices, and about 1200 creatives to be makde in the guide. The first guide is YooSecurity PC Security Guide (updated: we have completed the work, you can visit here), made to teach how to be safely use computer either online or offline. The second one is YooCare PC Guide, designed to educate how to use computer for adults and kids. We will complete the second one at Jan. 2013 (not really sure the release date yet). We will keep updated here with the release link (note: we have been contacted the guide will be released on their blog.

In this project, our designers Johen Lee, Mke Lou and Ken Mye have worked with their 100% passion and excellent communication skills to make our client happy. We sincerely hope this project meets the wonderful goals set by YooCare and YooSecurity team!

Aug 2 2012

>A Letter to Dear Clientr

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Our animation studio provides the best animation services and fulfills the expectations of its clients as an animation company. We also provide our animation services to all kinds of people and companies.

Animation has become an integral part of our lives, be it in any field, most important being media. Our Animation company facilitates animation in all fields and provides a variety of services to its clients with all its hard work.

Our motto is to satisfy our clients with 2D and 3D Animation services, Storyboards and Animatics, Viral videos, Children Illustrations, Portraits and Caricatures.

We not only invests in the newest technologies and equipment, but also we place an emphasis on our creative staff, which is able to make use of these technologies and finish projects with great care and dedication.

Please feel free to contact us and tell us your requirements in detail so that we can proceed the production at the first second when receiving your plan.

In the year of 2013, we will be partnered with SmashingMagazine to get more works for all of our clients!

About Us
We are a leading animation studio producing world class animated web videos. You will enjoy wonderful works creating by our amazingly talented artists and animators at a competitive price in the global market.

The basic service aim of us is to create the highest quality both 2D as well as 3D animations to captivate your target audience, enhance your brand image and grow your sales.